Club Governance

Executive committee, Mentors & Sponsors

Club Number: 4277725
Region: 6
District: 60
Division: A
Area: 3
Charter Date: 10/20/2014

2017-2018 Club Officers

President: Jonathan Andrews
VPs of ED: Moshe Rubenstein & Alex Stephen-Fullgraf
VP of Membership: Shaina List
Secretary: James Collins
Treasurer: Rina Rovinelli
VP of PR: Jorge Moreira
Sergeant at Arms: Happie Micha Edwards
Past President: Dan Shaikh

*contact Shaina to schedule your next pitch and/or speech


2016-2017 Club Officers

President: Daniyal Shaikh
Past President: Lisette Andreyko
VP of Education: Bijan Mahjani
VP of Membership: Jonathan Andrews
VP of Public Relations: Josiane Blanc
Secretary: Natalia Palacio
Treasurer: Rina Rovinelli
Sergeant at Arms:  Happie Micha Edwards

*contact Jonathan to schedule your next pitch and/or speech


*recent update, changed from Area 83, Division I (2014-2015)

Current Mentor(s):
Lindsay McDonald

Current Sponsor(s):
Carlos Tomas

2014-2015, First Year Club Officers


President: Karen Hogg
Past President: Brec
VP of Education: Mike Kallies**
VP of Membership: Chris Prucnal
VP of Public Relations: Daniyal Shaikh & Rina Rovinelli
Secretary: Lisette Andreyko
Treasurer: Sonam Singh
Sergeant at Arms:  Mohamed Attiah

**replaced Irena Stankovic late in the year


Club Officers from 2014-2016

2014-2016clubofficers_smIn this photo from left to right: Lindsay McDonald (Mentor), Karen Hogg (2014-15 President), Lisette Andreyko (2014-2015 Secretary, and 2015-2-16 President), Rina Rovinelli (2014-2015 VP of PR, 2015-2016 Treasurer, and our club and Area International Speech Contest Winner), Natalia Palacio (2015-2016 Secretary), Bijan Mahjani (2015-2016 Sergeant at Arms), Chris Prucnal (2014-2015 VP of Membership), Sonam Singh (2014-2015 Treasurer), and Carlos Tomas (Sponsor). Missing: Dan Shaikh (VP of PR 2015-2016), Mike Kallies (VP of Education 2015-2016), Mohamed Attiah (2015 partial year Sergeant at Arms) and Jose Piranian (VP of Membership 2015-2016).



It takes a village…..

Shout out to CSI community members, Adil Dhalla, Sasha Kumar, Brittney DrysdaleErin Kang, Liz Phillips, Kyle Shantz, and Tonya Surman from The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) for their continued encouragement and support building this club from day one! Thanks also to Leon Mirmanas who initiated, inspired, and made this club happen.


Our Mentors

Founding Sponsors: Carlos Tomas and Lesley McKay-Hunter

Outstanding Contribution

We would never be where we are without you, our first year Sponsors & Mentors!

Special thanks to sponsors Carlos Tomas and Lesley MacKay Hunter  and to mentors Lindsay McDonald  and Mahtote Gebresselassie (to April 3/15) for all their time and effort for so many months in getting the club chartered in 2014, and for their continued support going forward.