Guests are Always Welcome!

What, When, and Where...

FacebookReadyLogoThis is a high energy, innovative, and friendly Toastmaster’s Club at the The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). Our meeting space is at one of the CSI locations, 720 Bathurst Street, just south of Honest Ed’s on Bloor Street in the vibrant Annex area of Toronto. It is an open club, and all people, all ages, and professions are welcome. Learn to pitch, be a competent communicator and a respected leader, this is the place to practice, tweak and perfect your public speaking. 

Guests are always welcome, attend a meeting or as many as you want, there’s no charge to attend as a guest.

What makes CSI Pitchmasters different?

Members learn and grow at their own pace, that goes for attendance too, you will never be pressured, we realize we all have busy lives, and motivation comes from own desire to grow as a speaker and leader.

Every meeting you’ll experience first-class global Toastmaster’s training which includes impromptu speaking, scheduled speeches, and lots of opportunities to contribute and learn. Inspired by our “mothership”, the Centre for Social Innovation, which honours thought leadership and collaboration, we also offer “Pitch Practice“.

What is Pitch Practice?

Everyone needs to pitch, it’s not exclusive to business. “Tell me about yourself”, the  typical question at a job interview was pitched last week for valuable feedback. Doing a Start-Up Weekend, pitching to investors, a sales call, or borrowing the car from your friend? Try it out here first. There are no restrictions on topics, our guests and members are very diverse. You’ll be supported with kudos for what you are doing that works well and given suggestions in areas that might be strengthened. Plus, if you choose, you have an opportunity for a “do-over” right after receiving feedback from the group. (Note: Pitches are timed and are strictly 1 minute or less.) Two new yoga instructors practiced their pitch several times with the group. Results? Ask them about their thriving new business with over 100 students now attending classes, and the confidence they gained in refining their value proposition.

Watch it later. Evaluate yourself.

Why not video-tape your 1 minute presentation and the feedback too?  We’ll use your smart phone and record it for your own use.

Guests and members can reserve your pitch practice here, or simply show up and inquire at the beginning of the meeting to see if we can include you in the agenda that night. This is a peer-to-peer group to help each other in our public speaking and communication skills –everyone from beginners to advanced.

2017-2018 Board Members

  • President: Jonathan Andrews
  • VPs of ED: Moshe Rubenstein & Alex Stephen-Fullgraf
  • VP of Membership:
  • Secretary: James Collins
  • Treasurer: Rina Rovinelli
  • VP of PR: Karen Hogg
  • Sergeant at Arms: Happie Micha Edwards
  • Past President: Dan Shaikh




Want to join? Membership is inexpensive. There is no pressure to attend every week, you can grow your speaking skills at your own pace.  For information or an application please email our VP of Membership at